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PMG-140 Meeting Management: A Framework for Planning and Leading Productive Meetings

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Course Description

As part of the CDC funded National Public Health Improvement Initiative, the NYS DOH Performance Management Group (PMG) in the Office of Public Health Practice has developed this module as part of a comprehensive approach to integrate QI into the culture of the agency.


The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce the Six Step Meeting Agenda, a simple and effective way to help you plan and lead more productive meetings. Also, to learn about 4 meeting tools that help make meetings, and what happens between meetings, more efficient. The ultimate goal of this brief tutorial is that you will leave it wanting to test the Agenda Framework and tools at your very next meeting.  We want to restore your faith in the value of meetings. 

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to:
  • Understand the components of the Six Step Meeting Agenda
  • Learn about 4 meeting tools to support meetings
  • Be able to test the Six Step Meeting Agenda framework
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PMG-140 Meeting Management: A Framework for Planning and Leading Productive Meetings

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0.5 hours



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There are no competencies currently assigned to this course