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PMG-100 Introduction to Performance Management

Performance Management: A Systems Approach to Public Health

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Launching this course will bring you to the course page on phtc-online.org. You will be asked to complete a short, one-time registration. Once you are registered with phtc-online.org, you will be able to access any and all of the courses using the Username and Password you create during that first registration.

To be completed for this course on the LMS:

1. Complete the course on the ESPHTC site, and be sure to complete the evaluation to receive your certificate.  SAVE the certificate to your hard drive.

2. Come back to the https://www.NYLearnsPH.com LMS,

a. Log in, and Go To "My Courses" in the User Menu

b. In the Column titled "Section" for PMG-100, click on the word "Messaging."

c. Click on the words "New Message to the Course Administrator"

d. Enter "Completion Certificate for PMG-100" and Click on the "Attach Files" button to attach your Completion Certificate to the Message.

e. Include a message if you like and click on the "Send" button.

3. Once the Course Administrators receives and confirms your certificate for the course, you will be completed on the LMS, the course will appear as being completed on your permanent record (which can be viewed at My Courses > Completed Courses.)

For more information on how to access phtc-online.org courses through the Learning Management System, click on this link: http://www.empirestatephtc.org/learning/pages/catalog/NYS-DOH-LMS.pdf