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OHEP-DMHRec-2018 Mental Health Consequences of Mass Violence Recorded Session

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WHEN YOU LAUNCH THE COURSE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE TITLE OF TRAINING ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF SCREEN. This recorded training will explore mental health consequences of mass violence resulting in multiple victims and widespread psychological effects for diverse impacted groups.  These events include mass shootings in schools, nightclubs, businesses and other settings, as well as terrorist attacks using bombs or other powerful conventional weapons. They could also result from the use of non-traditional weapons like the wave of recent attacks in Europe where individual perpetrators have intentionally driven trucks into crowds. Extensive research on trauma reactions makes it evident that these events share two particularly challenging characteristics: 1) They are large in scope, impacting many individuals and destabilizing their recovery environment; and 2) they involve intentional interpersonal violence which typically correlates with more extreme and long-lasting psychological distress than natural disasters or accidents and also are likely to result in a highly complex and protracted response requiring cooperation among emergency management, law enforcement, healthcare, and mental health professionals to support the needs of survivors.   This recorded training will address not only how to treat survivors’ mental health consequences but how to do so within the broader context of the disaster response – including considerations for the psychosocial reactions of the responders themselves. 

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