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ADPH-20091209 Assessment and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly

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Course Description

Program Description: Millions of elderly Americans are affected by depression. Symptoms are often displayed differently, or even mistaken for aging, so depression in the elderly can be hard to diagnose. Studies show depression tends to last longer in elderly adults, often times doubling their risk of cardiac disease and death from illness. Discover how you can make a difference – help someone’s later years be truly golden.


  • Understand the difficulties in identifying and treating depression.
  • Identify the five symptoms of depression.
  • Learn to assess depression using the PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 assessment tools.
  • Recognize three common medications used to treat depression.
  • Know the interventions used to assist patients showing symptoms of depression.

Note: The content of this program is based on the policies and procedures of the Alabama Department of Public Health, Alabama and federal statutes, rules, regulations, and guidelines. Viewers not employed by the ADPH should always check to clarify whether the content is accurate according to the statutes, regulations, and policies of their jurisdiction and agency.

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