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Course Description

CTI-120 (2024-2025) HERDS Data Entry & Reports Training

Enrollment DeadlineSectionCourse FormatStart/End Dates Details Instructor(s)Speakers
June 12, 9-10am Online with Attendance 6/12/2024 to 6/12/2024
May 14, 1-2pm Online with Attendance 5/14/2024 to 5/14/2024
Enrollment deadline has passed.
April 15, 2-3pm Online with Attendance 4/15/2024 to 4/15/2024

Course Description

This course provides a solid foundation for facilities and agencies to report data to their overseeing agencies.

The course will begin with a look at how to obtain access to HERDS and how facilities will be notified when there are activities to be completed. Learners will then be provided demonstration of the reporting platform. The session concludes with a brief overview of the pre-selected reports available from the application.

This course is presented in a one hour session via WebEx Training Center.


  • Locate and modify the person record.
  • Explain the importance of the person record in relation to HERDS.
  • Demonstrate the ability to review assigned roles.
  • Locate and access HERDS.
  • Describe the overall structure of HERDS activities.
  • Describe the difference between Periodic and General activities.
  • Identify and Define the three steps to activity completion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete an activity.
  • Identify resources for ongoing support.

Average Completion Time

1 hours



Course Competencies

There are no competencies currently assigned to this course