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TB-293 AAP 2018 Red Book Childhood Tuberculosis: IGRA's and Treatment of TB Infection

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Jeffrey Starke, MD  

Course Description

This webinar is intended for the physician and healthcare staff who may be involved with the decision to utilize an interferon gamma release assay (IGRA) test in screening pediatric patients for tuberculosis.

Conference Goal: 

Upon completion of this web-based training, participants will be able to recognize that the AAP now will consider three different regimens for the treatment of tuberculosis infection to be acceptable for children and adolescents; identify why the AAP will now recommend the routine use of interferon-gamma release assays [IGRAs] in children down to 2 years of age; discuss the use of interferon-gamma release assays [IGRAs] by many experts in children younger than two.


To review important changes in the 2018 American Academy of Pediatrics Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases [the “Red Book”] about childhood tuberculosis

  • Use of IGRAs
  • Treatment regimens for tuberculosis infection
  • Rifampin dosing

Course brochure:  http://www.heartlandntbc.org/assets/training/brochure_enduring_AAP_Redbook_TB_IGRA_2018.pdf



Keywords:  TB, tuberculosis, TB disease, MTB, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, MTB complex, LTBI, latent TB infection, TB infection, IGRA, Interferon Gamma Release Assay, Quantiferon, QFT, T-Spot



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