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OHEP-24-25-EFINDSTTT Evacuation of Facilities in Disasters System (eFINDS) Train-the-Trainer

Enrollment DeadlineSectionCourse FormatStart/End Dates Details Instructor(s)Speakers
Section end date has passed.
July 10, 2024 @ 9:30am - 2:00pm - UPMC-Chautauqua Live Training (in-person or online) 7/10/2024 to 7/10/2024 Meeting Times
Anne D'Angelo  
Enrollment deadline has passed.
Virtual: July 10, 2024 @ 10am - 2:30pm Live Training (in-person or online) 7/10/2024 to 7/10/2024

Course Description

According to NYSDOH regulation, eFINDS must be used by healthcare facilities in the event of an emergent, urgent or planned evacuation. In this role, facility-based eFINDS trainers are expected to serve as the facility’s ongoing, in-house, training resource to provide eFINDS training for staff with the goal of ensuring 24/7/365 eFINDS capability commensurate with facility size. During the 2024-2025 HPP contract period, the expectation is that facility-based eFINDS trainers will continue to conduct facility-based training without HPP contract compensation.

The NYSDOH, Health Emergency Preparedness Training Centers (HTCs) and other Master Trainers will continue to offer train the trainer (TtT) sessions that provide comprehensive, hands-on training in the use of the eFINDS application so that hospitals can maintain personnel to serve as this training resource, in the event of staff turnover or change of responsibilities. The training uses expanded teaching materials and aids which include:

• eFINDS concept of operations
• access to eFINDS: communications directory role assignments
• scenarios, based on actual events and lessons learned
• hospital-based training template
• hands-on application demonstrations and training
• teach-back, practice session

Hospitals that need to build capacity or need to replace an eFINDS facility-based trainer who can no longer fulfill this responsibility will need to send staff person(s) to an eFINDS Train-the-Trainer (TtT) session offered in their region.

Average Completion Time

8 hours


Users must have a Health Commerce System account and be assigned a role in the eFINDS application. 

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