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Course Description

OHEP-eFINDS-PSR Evacuation of Facilities in Disaster Systems: eFINDS Practical Skills Review

Enrollment DeadlineSectionCourse FormatStart/End Dates Details Instructor(s)Speakers
Online eFINDS Practical Skills Review Online 11/3/2023 to 6/30/2027

Course Description

According to NYSDOH regulation, eFINDS must be used by healthcare facilities in the event of an emergent, urgent, or planned evacuation. NYSDOH, in collaboration with the Health Emergency Preparedness Training Centers (HTCs) has created an online course that includes a review of content from the Commerce Training Institute (CTI) course as well as skills practice and implementation. This course will serve as a pre-requisite training for future eFINDS Instructor courses.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  1. Be able to describe the purpose of the eFINDS Application and perform the basic functions required to initiate, track, and repatriate during an evacuation.
  2. Understand the requirements to set up a successful eFINDS training course or drill for individuals or groups.
  3. Be able to talk through a basic evacuation scenario and the role that eFINDS plays in tracking the Operation.

Average Completion Time

3 hours


1) User must have access to the eFINDS Application on the Health Commerce System (HCS) and be in either the eFINDS Reporting Administrator or eFINDS Data Reporter role.

2) Completion of the CTI-502 eFINDS Course available through www.nylearnsph.com. 

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